The Land Rover brand continues to develop more ways to satisfy the diverse needs of its consumer base, one recent example of which is the addition of a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle for the 2019 Range Rover lineup. This particular model will give drivers who prefer a more sustainable means of transportation yet another option. Below, we provide some details potential owners can look forward to from this SUV.

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Effortless Charging — Thanks to an innovative system, the 2019 Range Rover PHEV can recharge in as little as 14 hours based on the local power supply. With the Timed Charging feature, drivers can specify times for charges.

Intelligent Plug-in Hybrid Display — Used in combination with the Interactive Driver Display and Touch Pro™ Duo, the Intelligent Plug-in Hybrid Display makes it easier for you to keep track of real-time data on the efficiency of your vehicle's performance.

Intelligent Routing — Finding a station to recharge the 2019 Range Rover PHEV is a simple process thanks to the Intelligent Routing feature. Uploaded to the InControl® multimedia system, directions to nearby charging stations will display on the upper portion of the touchscreen.

Quiet Performance — The latest model is considered the "quietest Range Rover yet" when driven in electric mode. This is because its composition has been refined to make the transition between gas and electric power seamless, giving everyone onboard a quiet cabin to enjoy.

With these kinds of advantages and many others packaged as one cohesive vehicle, no doubt, you too will appreciate driving it! So, we suggest those of you who want to travel greener without compromising engagement with the road to speak with us today at Land Rover Columbia. We can help you order a new Range Rover PHEV of your own today!

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